Mireille Mosler Ltd.
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Mireille Mosler Ltd. was established in New York in 1999 by Mireille Mosler, a Dutch art historian and dealer in seventeenth century Dutch and Flemish paintings. Active in the art world since 1985, Mireille Mosler developed a deep understanding of both art history and the art market. From 1994 to 2004, she was Director of the New York-based gallery Jack Kilgore & Co. In 2004, she expanded her private business to focus on Modern and Contemporary art in addition to Old Masters and Barbizon Paintings.

Mireille Mosler Ltd. specializes in locating and selling works of art on behalf of clients in a discrete and professional manner. With years of experience and success in finding and placing paintings, Mireille Mosler Ltd. provides expert advisory services. In addition, curatorial services are available to assist clients with collection management, including cataloging, framing, restoration, shipping and installation.